BlueSCSI Toolbox is a set of Macintosh utilities that interact with a BlueSCSI. It requires BlueSCSI firmware v2023.10.12 or later.


You can download the BlueSCSI toolbox from


Transfer Utility

BlueSCSI SD Transfer Tool Screen

This utility allows you to transfer files from your SD card to and from your Mac.

  • Create a folder on the root of the SD card called shared
  • Use your modern computer and place files in the shared folder of your SD card. You can try this with files downloaded from such sites as
  • Use the Transfer Utility to copy them to your vintage computer.

CD Switcher

BlueSCSI CD Changer Screen

This utility allows you eject and insert another CD. Place up to 100 images in a folder called CD3 (where 3 is the SCSI ID you wish to use) on the root of your SD card. When clicking “Switch” it will eject the old CD and mount the new one.

Wi-Fi Desk Accessory


Allows you to quickly configure the WiFi interface from the Mac OS when using a Pico-W board and DaynaPORT SCSI/Link emulation. Works under System 6 or 7.

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