BlueSCSI Toolbox is a set of Macintosh utilities that interact with a BlueSCSI.

BlueSCSI Toolbox is currently in beta and can be found here:


Transfer Utility

This utility allows you to transfer files from your SD card to and from your Mac.

  • Create a folder on the root of the SD card called shared
  • Place files on the SD card here from your modern computer that you’ve downloaded from such sites as
  • Use the Transfer Utility to copy them to your Vintage Computer.

CD Switcher

This utility allows you to select the next CD to be inserted when you eject the current CD. Place up to 100 images in a folder called CDImages in the root of your SD card.

WiFi Config (coming soon)

Allows you to configure the WiFi interface when using a Pico-W and DaynaPORT SCSI/Link emulation.

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