Updating Firmware

You can easily update the BlueSCSI v2 firmware via a USB cable or through the SD card.

USB Method

  • Download the latest .uf2 from the releases page.
  • Hold the button on the Pico module while connecting the USB cable to your computer.

  • The Pico will appear as a USB drive labeled “RPI-RP2”. You can now release the button.
  • Copy the .uf2 file to Pico’s mounted USB drive. After the file has been copied the Pico will automatically eject and restart. You can verify it has the new version by looking at the log.txt on the SD card.

  • If you’re still having an issue you can use the flash_nuke.uf2 file to completely wipe the Pico and start over. This is usually unnecessary but easy to try if you are experiencing an odd issue.

Note: There are many power-only USB cables that will not work as they do not transmit data. If you have an issue please try a different cable.

SD Card Method

There is currently an issue with updating via SD, please use the USB method for now.

The SD Card method has been problematic for some users, the USB update method is recommended if you run into issues.

  • Download the latest .bin from the releases page and place it on the root of a FAT or ExFAT formatted SD Card.
  • Insert the SD card into your BlueSCSI. The next time your BlueSCSI boots up it will flash the latest release and remove the bin file. Do not power off the device while it is updating!

If you are having issues updating via the SD Card please use the USB method instead.

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