What to try first:

  • Check for any known issues or gotchas on the Compatibility page.
  • Format with SD Memory Card Formatter Chose the “Overwrite format” option.
  • Update to the latest version
  • Power the device via USB.
  • Use only ONE image on the SD card, Use one from the Mega drive under the Usage page.
  • Remove all other SCSI devices on the chain.
  • Try a different SD card (different brand)
  • Disable the ROM drive if present. In some cases it may be necessary to erase the ROM drive and reflash BlueSCSI firmware.
  • Review your board jumpers and config.
    • Is termination off? Turn it on. Is it on? turn it off. (Usually on is correct)
    • Is PWR_ON jumper on?

When reporting an issue:

  • Specify your hardware type (e.g. Desktop) and version (e.g. 2023.03a)
  • Include the full log.txt and if present err.txt
  • Enable debug in bluescsi.ini on the SD Card:

Specific Issues

The SD card is not recognized (LED Flashes 5x, repeating)

The status LED on the Pico flashes 5 times even though a card is inserted.
* Solution 1
* Use a tool such as SD Memory Card Formatter (see above) to completely zero out the card.
* Solution 2
* Use a different SD card

No images found (LED Flashes 3x)

The status LED on the Pico flashes 3 times indicating there are no valid images found.

If you wish to use the SD Card in RAW mode this 3x flash is OK.

  • Solution 1
    • Verify you are using the correct naming for images. See the Usage page for proper naming.
  • Solution 2
    • Check soldering to pins on the SD card socket.

The external activity LED does not light up

When the computer accesses the emulated disk drive, the activity LED remains dark
* Solution 1
* Confirm the polarity of the LED
* Solution 2
* The computer may not be providing enough TERM power on the SCSI bus. Measure voltage on the PWR_ON header. If it measures below 4V try supplying external power through the berg connector on the BlueSCSI.

[Mac] LED flashes on the Pico and flashing question mark is on the screen.

This usually indicates you have an image that does not have an operating system on it, or you are using an image meant only for an emulator.
* Solution 1
* Use a pre-made image, pre-made blank, or Disk Jockey to create your image. This will ensure it’s a drive image.

scsi_accel_rp2040_finishRead timeout

Your SD Card may be too old/slow to keep up with your SCSI bus. Try a newer, higher rated SD card. Format with SD Memory Card Formatter Chose the “Overwrite format” option.

PowerBook hangs during boot when BlueSCSI is connected via an HDI-30 to DB25 adapter

The TERM POWER pin is not connected in (some of) the PowerBooks. Connect a USB power supply to the Pico.

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