Hard Disk image files are placed in the root directory of a exFAT (preferred, allows larger drive images) or FAT32 formatted SD card . Use a premade or blank disk below. You can have up to 7 image files on one BlueSCSI.

Note: BlueSCSI images are compatible with the PiSCSI and other Emulators.

The naming convention is as follows (file name max 64 characters). Note you may use multiple images at a time with different SCSI ID’s.

HDxy_512.hda, CDxy_2048.iso

Image Type (required):

HD - Hard Disk
CD - Optical
FD - Floppy
MO - Magneto Optical
RE - Removable
TP - Sequential Tape

x - Image SCSI ID - optional, if not provided defaults to 1. 0-7. Supports up to 7 devices at a time.

y - LUN(Logical Unit Number) - (Optional, defaults to 0, currently only supports 0)

512 - Sector size. Optional - only set if you need to change. Defaults to 512 if unsure. 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, & 8192 supported.


HD10_512.hda - Hard Disk at SCSI ID 1, LUN 0, sector size of 512.

HD6 - System 7 Quada 700.hda - HD at SCSI ID 6, LUN 0, and 512 sector size.

HD50_512 System 6.0.8L LC.hda - Hard Disk at SCSI ID 5, LUN 0, sector size of 512. Text between block size and .hda is ignored.

CD3 Myst.iso - CD at SCSI ID 3.

Video Tutorials

If you’d like a video walk through of these steps here are a few:


HD99_712 foo bar fizz buzz buzz buzz foo bar fizz buzz bang.hda Over 64 chars and invalid SCSI/LUN/Block size

If no image files are found, the green LED on the Pico module will pulse on and off. Check the log.txt on the root of the SD card for any errors.

BlueSCSI Images

You can find a list of pre-made, blanks, and more under the Bluescsi Images page.

CD-ROM Image Sets

Multiple CD-ROM images can be cycled automatically when CD-ROM drive is ejected (dragged to trash).

Create a folder on the SD card named CDX where X is the SCSI ID you wish to use (eg: CD3). Then copy in any number of iso, bin/cue, toast, etc image files into the folder.

Note: If your CD is not re-inserted you may need to enable ReinsertCDOnInquiry.
You can also use the CD Changer application from the BlueSCSI Toolbox to switch CD images.

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